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How to Attract the Search Bots and Win with SEO for Video

How to Attract the Robots and WIN with SEO for Video
Your work is solid. You have a proven solution to a serious problem. Your website is polished and user-friendly. But no one is calling???

Maybe the search engines can’t find you.  And if they can’t find you, no one can! You need to optimize for the search engines.
SEO is search engine optimization.

SEO is how the robots find you! SEO is the practice of giving the bots what they need.  So, they know what you offer. When you can speak their language, the robots love you.  And when the bots love you, they share your information with prospective buyers! The search engines have one goal:to give search results that are relevant and helpful. The better the engines understand what you have to offer, the more they will share your site with potential clients. This is what we’ll cover:

What is SEO?
SEO Benefits of Video
How to get started
Copywriting and SEO?
Rich Snippets
Optimize for YouTube
Embed on a landing page

What is SEO?

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